The area around the Ruacana Waterfall is one of the most tourist attraction places in Namibia.

Not only do foreign visitors find the natural beauty of the area attractive, even locals from northern Namibia do find it worthwhile to visit Ruacana for its natural beauty.

Locals from towns in northern Namibia would make time out to go to Ruacana during festive seasons, during weddings, and even as school tours.

Ruacana, right at the borders of political regions of Omusati and Kunene, is situated at the spot where Kunene River flows down from Angola to make the border between Namibia and Angola towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Ruacana Waterfall is a steep slope of rocks over which the river flows downstream, at which some of the flow is diverted into the tunnel leading to the hydro-electrical turbines which generate some of Namibia’s electricity.

When the water is flowing and falling down the slope it is a spectacular sight to behold.

But even when the water has been closed off at the dam inside Angola to ensure a strong current after the release of the water which would turn the turbines, it is still a majestic scene over the dry water fall.

In the photo: Curious visitors want to take selfies on top of the water fall rocks while the water has stopped flowing as a result of the blockage of the river a kilometer away at NamWater’s dam on the side of Angola.