Fly like an eagle, don’t flap like a chicken

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

Society has known women as people who go about their lives more like chickens flapping around on the ground than flying in the sky like eagles.

At least that is what I know about the society of my people.

I come from a community where people don’t believe that a woman can fly above the storms of life to become a president of a country, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, world-acclaimed scientist, global diplomat, or even a top saleswoman of imported cars.

A woman is expected to scratch the ground like a chicken, instead of soaring through the clouds of success like an eagle.

But, my dear ladies, society’s expectation must not become your expectation of yourself. You’re capable. You’re capable of spreading your wings. You can spread your wings and fly above everyone’s expectations.

You know, when a woman spreads her wings it’s something to behold. A woman was born to fly and soar like an eagle. You see, the word “eagle” sounds the same like the word “a-girl” because they have so much in common.

The wings of an eagle are built to withstand the storms so that when the storm comes and other birds run for shelter the eagle runs into the storm for the storm to lift it up so that it can fly above the storm.

You know you’re an eagle when you ran into a storm that you thought was gonna kill you and instead of killing you it lifted you higher than you have ever been lifted before. If the problems and difficulties coming in your life, instead of breaking you they leave you stronger than before, it’s a sure sign you’re an eagle.

You’re an eagle if you fly higher above the expectations of society.

What you need is another eagle with wings and dreams and visions, who is not jealous of you or trying to pull you down. You know you are with another eagle if the person is happy for your achievements.

Eagles function on another level, think on another level, eagle ladies dream on another level.

Remember that God did not create you to crawl around in the dirt bitching about others; God created you to soar up above life’s challenges and live a successful life.

When everyone is doubting your ability, remember who you are – an “a-girl.”