Life is a serious fight

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

Life is a serious fight, beloved ladies.

Just don’t listen to those who say that you mustn’t take life too seriously.

Of course we need to be too serious with our lives because today you have this and tomorrow you don’t know what may happen in your life. This is why every opportunity that you come across you have to take it seriously, and every fight that comes your way you have to take it as if it’s the last fight of your life.

Life is a journey; and it’s worth enjoying all the way. But we still have to take the journey serious because today life can be wonderful or comfortable, and tomorrow will be bad or tough – so we need to prepare for it.

Even if life is a wonderful journey, you can’t lie down, because, my sister, when you lie down you get ran over. And if your life is going through a rough ride, just have a will that ‘I am going to win this battle.’ If you believe then you can make it; it’s as simple as that.

Don’t wait for someone to come and push you to fight for your life. Never. No one will do that for you; it’s only you yourself. Get up and fight my lady, fight for your future, success and your dreams. Raise your arm like a champion. Get up and learn how to fight for the best of your life.

Remember life is a war and there are many things trying to put you down. And when things go wrong don’t worry, everything will be good later.

Don’t worry, just stand up and work hard and fight and keep fighting on no matter if things get tougher. Anything you can imagine, that storm that you’re in currently, from your perspective it seems like that storm is enveloping the whole world, but I’m telling you that if you stand up and take it on seriously then it won’t last forever.

One day you can get out of the storm and once you get out then you’re gonna see the sun again.