Gossiping is for losers

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

My Dictionary defines “gossip” as: “informal talk or stories about other people’s private lives, that may be unkind or not true.”

That is it. Gossip is casual talk about other people’s lives when it doesn’t concern you. Whether it’s true or not true, it just doesn’t concern you.

And as girls we are very well-known for that. We love a good gossip. We do love a good gossip about others, but we dislike it when we are the subject or the topic of discussion by others. We like to talk about others but we don’t want to be talked about.

You might know that gossiping is not good for others, but do you know that gossiping is not good for you?

A person that goes around gossiping cannot be trusted by anyone. And if you can’t be trusted then you’re pretty much out of the game of life. People want to do something serious only with those who can be trusted. Relationships at work or even at home depend on the trust between the people. Business depends on the trust others have for you to deliver top quality products or services. Your promotion at work depends on the trust your boss and colleagues have in you.

So, casual talk which takes away your trust in front of others is not good for you.

Gossiping also takes away a lot of your time which you could have dedicated to doing something beneficial for yourself.

Gossiping also leads to conflicts with other people. Some people will fight you if they hear that you went around gossiping them. And even if you win the fight you still get out of it the loser because you’re the one who caused the trouble.

So if you want to go far in life you must avoid gossip, whether you’re the one doing the gossiping or the one doing the listening. Just mind your business and stay away from gossiping.