Not everything must influence you

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel |

The world is full of stories. And it’s in your hands to choose the one you want to believe. Full of many dreams and drama, and you choose which one you want to be yours.

In this life we all have different people in different categories and at different levels, categories and levels that can be good or of bad example to your life and through this you can be easily influenced in various ways by people who are close to you all the time.

Therefore you need to choose the person you consider as a friend to you wisely, because in life your journey will go according to the company you keep.

How do you want your friend to be like?

What is your friend’s name in the society?

Is there anything good you may be able to imitate from your friend?

These questions must be in your mind always wherever you are to help you have good influence from those you are with.

Not everyone on social media can be your friend; not everyone in your community can be your friend, and not everyone at your work place or school can be your friend. To avoid risks of bad influence you must choose carefully those you hang around with.

When you hang around with people, do so in order for you to be influenced by good attitudes, style, dreams, drama, or you can influence others with your good qualities, especially in influencing and building the next generation.

Life is very short to be influenced in the wrong ways or to follow unnecessary things. Better find the important influence and be a warrior.