Make 2021 your year

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

Ladies, what a year we have left behind. Our world was struck by something completely unexpected.

A previously unknown virus that has invaded our bodies and our lives, hitting us in the places where we are most human: in close contacts, in hugs, conversations, and celebrations.

The virus has turned normal behavior into a risk and turned previously unfamiliar protective measures into something normal.

2020 was a year of learning, a year of changes and challenges.

For the first time some of us had to accept a way of life by which you have to put a mask over your face when out in public. For us ladies this was something that was hard to accept because masks tend to hide (if not steal) our smiles.

Fellow girls, this corona virus pandemic was and is a once in a century political, social and economic challenge and it’s a historic crisis that has demanded a great deal of us in the world, and I know that mustering this historic effort has required tremendous trust and patience on our part and it continues to be so.

For that I am sincerely grateful to us.

I can only imagine how painful it must be for those who have mourned or are mourning for their loved ones lost to corona virus.

2020 was a year of worry and uncertainty, but it was also a year when so many went above and beyond themselves to serve others without asking any attention for it.

And we have seen in hospitals, e.g. nurses, other health professionals and doctors, and countless people who have helped make it possible for our lives to go on despite the pandemic.

Today I’m speaking to you on this wonderful day in the new year. So let us start on a new page, a page of hope and new beginning in everything. If 2020 was a challenging year for individuals, families, businesses, and economies, then 2021 should be the year to pick up the pieces and build something better.

If 2020 was the year of Corona, then you have to make 2021 your year.

And so you and your families have my very best wishes for good health, confidence and blessings in the new year 2021.