How did I get here?

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

Fellow ladies have you ever asked yourself how did you get there where you are now?

Many times we make subtle decisions that don’t seem to be a big deal in our lives; but then what we often fail to realize is that where you are today is a result of all of the decisions, big and small, that you have made up until this point.

The good news is that even if you are not where you want to be right now you still have a chance to rewrite your script and act your way away.

Yes, I know it’s frustrating when you do not accomplish what you have expected to accomplish within the time-frame that you set; all of us want our journey to be a straight path, but in actuality your journey will have unexpected stops, curves, hills, valleys, sun days, rainy days, and all – but you have to decide and say to yourself that ‘if I encounter rejection, if I encounter frustration, if I am disappointed I will not give up.’

The key is to learn how to separate your feelings from your performance. Yes, some days I don’t feel like working, or have to battle with unfair situations, but at the end of the day I have a decision to make.

Either I’m going to have a pity party or I am going to figure out how to pull myself up; so my fellow ladies pull yourself up, lift up yourself, raise up your bowed-down head. Guess what, everyday I choose to pull myself up.

I am challenging you to go pursue your goals in spite of what’s going on around you or within you. Take a closer look around your life, health, relationships, business and your career and ask yourself a simple question, ‘have I given my all?’

If you’re not careful fear, doubt and worry will keep you stuck where you are. You will be like wishing circumstances were better but never doing what it takes to improve them.

It is time for you to pursue what you really want, but not others want for you, not what others expect of you, but you’ve got to pursue what you really want with everything you’ve got and get away from here to where you want to be.