The cruelty and butchery of Christianity and Capitalism

By Shivute Kaapanda [Think Tank Africa]

With the ongoing debates on how religion in Africa contributed to the political liberation of African countries, I stand firm to say religion has practically demonstrated to have succeeded in making false hopes to the hopeless, coercing them into fear so that they can remain subjected to some class of humans on earth figuratively known as God’s children, that is priests, pastors and bishops.

In every situation power dynamics are always determined; the reason why a religion such as Christianity is controlled by the global capitalists through an institution called church speaks exactly to these social power dynamics.

As it is factually known that money speaks all the languages, the power of religion is owned and propagated globally by means of a currency.

And with the vicious capitalist system in place the situation of economic vulnerability is created in society and those that benefit handsomely continue to use the same capitalist machinery to promote their interest through a specific religion and the rest that are trampled down economically are only fed heavenly hopes through church services and prayers.

More worse with Christianity there is always a cruel intention of coercing the poor into religious conformity by creating myths such as heaven and hell.

The poor are always tricked that after death hell will receive and burn their souls with everlasting fire whereas if they obey the command of God, which is in this case literally the command of the religious elites, they are most likely to enjoy fruits and everlasting peace and life in heaven.

The exposure of the masses to extreme poverty due to the economic systems in place has exposed them to the free brutality of religion in their hopes of wrestling to find everlasting happiness.

The church as an institution of the Christianity religion has become the master bloodsucker of the poor, the religious capitalists have for centuries abused the spiritual word ‘God” to make it look like as if their powers to control the poor are real spiritual powers.

While the poor are already poor they are still demanded to pay tithes and give church offerings to the rich religious elites. This is because the cruelty and butchery of Christianity is proudly sponsored by capitalism.

The conception that the biblical mascot of Christianity called Jesus came all the way from wherever to save among others black people in this world, backed with the unbelievable theory of creation, Christianity has for all practical purposes and intentions turned out to be the most successful and cruel religion and a mockery exercise for the human mind throughout history.

What type of a religion is it which prioritizes money so much more than the wellbeing of humans?

What type of religion that creates narrow-mindedness and undermine reason and human dignity? What type of a religion is this which instils fear and doubt in humans? What type of a religion which domesticates men and women into the deliberate cruelty of ordained childlessness?

All these questions clearly indicate to the critical minds of the criminal intention of Christianity rituals which reduce human minds, especially for the poor, into biscuits and Pepsi cola for the elites of the Vatican City.

The concept of god which is supposed to be used in a spiritual sense has been tamed by capitalists; the Christian God is a capitalist god in a sense of a church. For the capitalists money-making is their religion and since money speaks all languages it became Christianity for the rest.

Africans need to unlearn the vicious circle of religion to unlock their way to mental liberation by questioning Christianity and other foreign invented religions and begin to practice their own African traditional religion which the church has destroyed overtime.

Spirituality is the cultural understanding of the self; the union of the body, the mind and the universe as a whole.

One who belongs to a culture and a specific spiritual system cannot understand himself through the culture and spiritual system of others unless he is not himself. The issues of religion and spirituality are tantamount to the knowledge of self and therefore losing them recklessly is a highest form of moral treason and intellectual nincompoopity.

If Christianity in Africa is brought by (1) the Finnish as Lutheran church, (2) Germans as Roman Catholic church and (3) English as Anglican church, who in his right mind thinks all these colonizers had good intentions on Africa?

All these tell us about one thing: the cruelty and butchery of Christianity and vicious capitalism as husband and wife.

– Shivute Kaapanda is a Philosopher and an Atheist from Eyanda village. He is also a columnist and author of the radical book called “The Conscious Republic” published in 2020.