Boiling the Pot

By The Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

It is clearly visible to us all that corruption is thriving in Namibia, and there is no political or judicial commitment to really address the problem.

At times I think that the right to be corrupt was deliberately omitted from the Namibian Constitution, or maybe it’s written in invisible ink.

How I wish to set up a Commission of Unidentified Resources Stolen and Exported (CURSE) that will track the financial resources stolen through political and tribal connections and taken to foreign countries.

CURSE will practically freeze accounts, dissolve dubious companies and cash in assets secured through the millions and billions of Namibian Dollars. All the monies will then be put into one Big Pot aka Pot of Cash until it drips with excessive funds.

Mind you, no invitation for tenders will be published to manage this Pot of Cash; we all know how such tenders will end.

But I don’t quite get it; do these government thugs understand the value of money? I mean, how much is enough, especially when you’re stealing and then you show off the ill-gotten wealth.

Given the economic realities of many Namibians, do these official thugs find peace within themselves, when they find comfort in stolen resources? In fact, I cannot compare them to thugs – they are a new breed of criminals.

Anyway, the governing system is eroded by all these corruption cases that people who are supposed to be spearheading and curbing corruption are not bothered anymore.

In most cases, corruption is too close to home to take action; instead they aid the delays and disappearance of evidence and truths. So many protective layers have been put in place that people are willing to sacrifice their innocence, wellbeing and even their lives, just to protect prominent politicians, families and business people.

But again, this is Namibia, a land of the self-proclaimed chosen ones. We live in a country that bows to certain surnames and tramples on guidelines called The Constitutions.

A set of rules that are displayed to the ignorant and law abiding citizens and discarded by those that have the resources to bend the judiciary systems; a justice system that has been altered, changed and modified to fit the interests of the chosen ones.

Back to the Boiling Pot; we can only stoke-up more fire and truth under the pot to melt all the monies stolen and assets begotten with the value of stolen monies.

Through the boiling pot we can peel off the layers of lies told for so many years that they now sound like truth, and then we expose the wickedness of political theft.

Justice can have a chance, but only when each of us bring a firewood to keep the pot boiling until all assets are returned and reinvested in the well being of the Namibian people.

Corruption cannot forever be dressed in suits, smiles and deceptive smiles and then be pardoned by political or business connections.

By The Author