Education isn’t success

By Alma “Namene” Amunyela |

Dear ladies, today I want to talk to you or tell you something important that we need to know.

It’s education.

Ladies, education is not success. We don’t know that education is not success, but it’s a stepping ladder to help us to succeed. Which means it will wake us up to see things.

Education is not money, but it’s a stepping stone on our way to getting money. Education gives us an advantage.

But as women we tend to believe that education is that success. Once they are educated and graduate my fellow women believe they have achieved success. But, no.

My friend, it’s not like that. You have to use education to look for success. With education you have so much advantage on your way to success. Education is the key to unlocking the doors.

Education is supposed to help us to get the knowledge and skills for success. But then you have to be proactive, otherwise you will be just there with your degrees and honors but unable to find a way to be successful.

Success is all about using your common sense; use your mind and hustle to become someone in life and become a successful person.

That is why sometimes you will find someone with a degree, but seated at home without a job, yes because she has that mentality of saying ‘I went to the university and college etc. so I have no time to be a hairdresser, or nails technician.’

Hahaha, my friend you’re wasting your time. Stand up and do something. Your professional job must find you doing something that will bring you money and put bread on your table.

God bless those who try to make a life out of themselves while looking for the job of their dreams. I was so inspired by the lady who was a housekeeper and she is now a nurse, whom I was reading in the newspaper of last week.

That’s how life is supposed to be on your way to success. Some ladies think once they finish their varsity they will get a job, hahahaha.

I’m not saying guys stop going to school, no. Go to school and after university then start doing something while you are hunting for your professional job.

That way you will be extraordinary and leave a legacy.