They are not a solution to your problem

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel  |

There is one thing I wish my mother and father told me earlier on, and it’s that life is full of troubles and obstacles all the way, and that this is normal, that’s why we call life a journey.

I came to know about this just by the grace of God.

There are people who are not aware of this, and so they end up falling into things because they don’t understand that life is a journey of troubles and obstacles.

They fall into things due to their struggling, thinking that these things might make them avoid more struggle and obstacles or help them from getting stress or lead them away from some difficulties in their life.

But these things could actually lead to more troubles and suffering.

First one… it might be the taking of alcohol and drugs thinking that it will make you forget your problems at that moment. Some people would even choose to smoke cigarettes so that they can take off the stress of life.

This in fact will become your biggest enemy, that can even add more problems to problems, and this can destroy your life and future too by using up your time and money. In the end it will lead you to destruction since your strength and wisdom will be gone through this step.

After your strength and wisdom are gone you then fall for gangs and bad influence.

You might start joining up groups of bad activities in society because you believe that they can make you forget what is happening in your life, and so you become influenced and feel like you don’t care anymore.

This is a wrong turn again and you can’t get anything important from them to rescue you but wrong decision-making leads you to more problems and difficulties.

This wrong-decision-making can then lead you to stealing or becoming a thief, thinking that this is the solution to your lack of money for alcohol and drugs. But then this is not a solution either but a disaster as these very risky and insensitive habits will lead you to be cursed and to be locked up in prisons.

And then finally you get to committing of suicide believing that this is finally the solution to your life problems.

This is a very big issue and always it seems to be too late at this stage for anyone to get help after it happened. And this is the permanent decision to a temporally situation. This is a result of the problems and troubles which you allowed to multiply and overwhelm you until you end up in the grave too early.

It doesn’t matter the size of your problem, the solution to it is always available if you realize that nothing is bigger than God who gave you the journey to walk on this earth. Just talk to him through prayer and ask for guidance every day of your life.

You can go through a lot more troubles and serious problems than other people. But just know that alcohol, drugs, stealing and then suicide are not the solution to your problems. Just pray, cry and live in that temporary shame or pain, face it with confidence that one day it will leave you alone.

There are better days and always there is a new morning, and joy comes in the morning; don’t focus on the past or the present only, but look and see that there is a future for you.