Your past is not your future

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel|

Everyone has a story – bad or good – that they can tell about in their life or which has to do with their background.

I ever enjoy listening to this kind of stories of people, and looking at pictures of people which tell stories of where they have come from; it just is amazing, and this can teach you something in silent contemplation.

One thing you can learn from this is that life is not really just about what you did before, but rather about how your past shaped your present and how your present is shaping your future.

So right now the most important thing here is your present and future.

Most people like to compare their past or someone’s past and criticize the failures – or praise those background successes as if that is all that matters. And this is wrong. You must celebrate with him or her and be happy with that person for what is good they did yesterday. But failures of yesterday must be the building blocks for today and tomorrow.

And yourself you must see your future plan for tomorrow through today because today will never remain present but will soon be the future.

Do not stress yourself about your story of a bad life that is past and gone, stop holding up that anger in you because of someone who did you wrong last of last year, stop sticking on that plan or style for years but better change to a new mould and give yourself peace of mind as you move to the future.

You are not going ahead because you have lost someone and you believe that person was your strength and your everything; come on, release that wrong motive in you, you can do better if you just try to move on.

Maybe you did something bad when you were young, and you’re still blaming yourself and holding on to it. Something thrown into the dustbin is considered as useless or either old but you still hold on that dirtiness and it will keep you from going on.

“Because of my friend, because of my father, because of my aunt I could have been someone else,” you say this, and after 10 years you still go on telling the same story of first destruction. No, there is a way and you are the director to that way that leads to a brighter future.

Throw that background experience in the dustbin of history and find something new and precious in your present life; forgive and get to a new page in your life. Your past is gone, and your future is waiting.

Life is a test and through that we are learning to go to the other grade which is the next step of our life.