Be salty

By Josefina Gabriel|

Everyone needs salt. Just the salt of this earth. Salt may be used in many things in life and it’s considered as a seasoning that adds flavor and good taste; without salt there will be tastelessness, even though people don’t really like salt but they enjoy what is salted.

You mostly use salt in soup and other food. But salt can also be used for cleaning, purification, healing, preserving, and grounding. That’s what made salt to be an important mineral on earth. Even in the Holy Scriptures you will find salt mentioned for its usefulness.

The scriptures in the Bible [Mathew 5: 13-16] say that you are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Therefore your deeds on earth must be considered tasty before God and by people on earth; your movements, your words, your ideas, your helping, your teaching must be salty so that people can’t spit out your words, ideas and presence but they enjoy the taste.

And where there is salt there is light that shines upon them. So don’t be the darkness in this world.

Salt can’t be at places where it can’t be recognized by anyone who tried to taste it. Therefore always be that unique character like salt whereby when your presence is not recognized then your absence will make everything tasteless.

Salt can be dissolved in water or in other liquids and disappear but it doesn’t cease to exist, because it can still be tasty in that water or liquids the same way as in solid form. Therefore seasons and weather may change, but your natural value must remain the same.

To be salty is by choice and some may wish to be so but they are lazy to be salty. Therefore be watchful of those who might look like salt but they are not. Remember that salt and sugar completely look the same but their tastes are different and their uses are not the same.

Don’t be deceived by the look and color. Avoid bad influence and protect your flavor.

Be a good example to people, don’t make people regret ever knowing you in life but make them wish you’re the salt in their lives.

> Ms Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author.