Knowledge and character

By Josefina Gabriel|

We are different, unique and wonderfully made in life but we need to have knowledge that comes with character so that we can match the situation.

Knowledge can be familiarity gained by experience of a fact, skills from something or education.

And character is the personality, the mental and moral quality of a person.

However we have these two in different measures; the difference between the two shows how important are they.

A person with knowledge is different from a person with character and this can be easily differentiated by how people act.

Everyone wants to have knowledge, but how many want to have character as well?

The character of a person is known through his or her conduct and conversations, that you can watch your thoughts that can lead to attitudes and this attitude can lead to words or actions and that’s why character is better than knowledge because character can determine your destiny, and your habits can easily form your character and that’s what creates a person.

Remember, everything has beauty though not everyone sees it; learning gives knowledge and through this you can get confidence. But character guides confidence so that your knowledge can define your destiny.

Therefore choose character first of all and the rest will follow.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book “Listen to your heart” published in 2022. She can be reached at: