Respect yourself so others will do likewise

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

One of the most important things a lady must have is respect for herself.

I don’t know why, but I just know that if you respect yourself other people will tend to respect you also.

If you disrespect yourself then who do you think will respect you?

Have that value or quality for life and for yourself. Don’t let people to disrespect you. Bath, smell good and behave well. If you look simple and cheap, so people will treat you the same.

But I’m not talking about the need for you to impress people, no; and I’m not talking about for you to go and steal money or become a prostitute so that you can get a good life and buy expensive perfume and expensive clothes. No, that’s not it.

You can put on a cheaper perfume, but still you’re smelling good and remember it’s not always expensive perfume or things that make a lady to smell good or look good, no. Just make sure you bath and you dress good.

Another thing that earns you respect is by trying not to tolerate nonsense.

Be a good person, but don’t tolerate rubbish. Try to be omwiifupipiki; just be humble but don’t let just about anyone to touch you or say stuff to you.

Be grateful, helpful and friendly, but be careful who you hang around with, because some of your friends might take all sorts of risks to disrespect you. Be nice but be straightforward and tell them the truth and from there they will know who you are.

Some people like rude people, neh; but you make sure you’re not rude and not selfish, but just there and you’re no that person andjanga, but just be calm so that when you speak your words do mean it.

One other thing that earns you respect is when you give help to those who need your help.

Still another important thing that earns a lady lots of respect is by trying to get a job or try to have a business or something that will bring you income for you to survive and live a better life.

Still another thing is by respecting your body; don’t offer your body to every man who proposes to you. Try to have one partner, but not everyone coming in front of you.

Another thing that earns you respect is by being a God-fearing woman. Don’t be in wrong companies or with miserable people. Be careful of wrong people and wrong associations and choose your friends wisely, and smile to people if necessary.

Be a good-example-woman to others and to the younger generations.