There is a blessing in every season

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

Behind every moment of adversity in your life there is a blessing and a lesson. Pain always leaves behind a gift of some kind. Maybe you might not see the gift immediately, but some time later the gift will show.

Every breakup is always painful because you didn’t expect it; people are hard to get over who shared good memories with you. But it could be a blessing that such people are gone.

You are left wondering why, but it could be that God has removed those people from your life because he saw things you didn’t see, God heard conversations you couldn’t hear, and so he made the move you wouldn’t make.

Having people in your life is a blessing. But I have learned that every blessing doesn’t come to stay. Every friend is not going to be a lifelong friend. And so if they walk away don’t stand there and cry over what was gone, because if you needed them for the future, they would have stayed.

God put people in your life for a reason in every season. And it’s very important that you recognize when people’s seasons are over. Most people are there for a short season, and once the season is over they will not have any reason for leaving your life.

Dear ladies, seasons come and go, and so are the people. Winter has its own wardrobe, just as summer. When the winter has passed it will be pointless to stick with winter clothes.

Of course it’s scary to face the future and enter a new season. But every season has its own opportunities, and memories. You will just see how God will begin to connect the dots. You will see how things are falling into place.

Just have a new perspective. It’s serving his plan. The betrayals and the closed doors can be discouraging; but such disappointment is not working against you. It’s working for you.

God will never close the door without opening a bigger and better door. If you keep the right attitude, one day you will look back and say ‘Lord, thank you for closing that door. Thank you for moving that person out of my life. I would have never met an amazing spouse.’

We don’t grow in the good times. We grow in hard times. A tree will lose its leaves for new leaves to grow.

We grow when it is difficult, when we have to stretch. That is why you can’t pray away every challenge. If the situation is not changing, then God is using the situation to change you. If

God made everything easy for us, we wouldn’t be ready for where we’re going. God has amazing things in your future. But he will first take you through seasons, lessons and no reasons.