Money is what we want

By Alma Namene Amunyela |

In the world of today money is just as important as oxygen is; you need it to live. We all want money, but we don’t want to use our brains to think how are we going to make the money.

Sometimes, like mostly nowadays, if someone sees you talking to people they will mock you saying, oh she likes boyfriends; but dearest ladies I’m not looking for loves!

I’m looking for opportunities.

I’m talking to people to promote my business. In that way I am making money. But most of you ladies you don’t know, because of your empty-mindedness. You’re like I am looking for relationships, nop. I’m making money while you are here and there talking, oh can you see she was with that man? Yes, I was with him but I was talking to him about business. We are here not to make friendships for its own sake but to make money.

Money is all that we want. It’s said that money speaks louder than anything, yes that is true.

Ladies let us learn and find better ways of how to make money. Let’s hustle for money without prostituting ourselves of course.

Don’t let yourself to be poor while you have a brain to think and you have a mouth to communicate with people. Learn to associate with different people and make money by hanging around with people. Benefit from your friends.

So let’s get to the bottom line here; you need to work your ass off to make money. There are people that tell you, money doesn’t buy happiness; but for you to be happy you need money at least.

Especially after you’ve worked so hard to attain it, you will be happy to spend and enjoy it.

Only don’t waste your money to impress people. At least if you get money spend a portion of your income on your future, education and health or other things which have long term value.

And my ladies remember if you spend your money the right way it will come back to you in multitudes.