The youth leader of the Pentecostal Protestant Church (PPC) Mr Jacques Solomons has taken the Covid-19 vaccine after “pleading the blood of Jesus” over the injection.

Solomons, who is based at the Church’s Hochland Park’s congregation, said: “God is in control of my life. I only fear God. I plead the Blood of Jesus over the vaccine and told the nurse to proceed.”

When queried whether the “blood of Jesus and the blood of the vaccine” do go together, Solomons said: “What about the vaccines you have received so far, since birth?

“With all the information going around I was a bit skeptical, but I always told myself, I am not afraid to take it. We took time to do thorough read-up on different vaccines and ask God to lead us and give us peace. We were led and had peace to take the Sinopharm.”

Then the Christian youth leader added: “We must hear personally from God and have peace whether to take the vaccine or not. When you become quiet enough, the Holy Spirit will speak to you whether you must take it or not.

“This is a personal decision, no one should tell you to take it or not to take it, only God.”

Meanwhile debates and controversies continue to rage and swirl around both the secular world and the Christian world about the true intention of the vaccines.

Renegade scientists, nonconformist doctors, and critical secular thinkers maintain that Covid-19 is a plan by a small group of powerful people who want to control the world, while some vocal Christian leaders say that the Covid-19 vaccine is the beginning of the mark of the beast which was prophesied in Revelations 13:16-18.

In the photo: PPC youth leader Jacques Solomons taking his Covid-19 jab in Windhoek.