Wilma Kamati, an executive committee member of the GIPF National Pensioners Association of Namibia (NAPAN) who serves on the Khomas Region team, and started her career as a teacher at the age of 21, is living proof that there is a life after retirement.

After 39 years of service, mee Kamati retired and has since not regretted it.

“The fear of the unknown plants a seed that retirement is the end of the world, but I beg to differ. Retirement is not a death sentence, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter,” stated mee Kamati.

Mee Kamati emphasised the importance of all GIPF members to ensure that their nomination forms and member details are updated to assist GIPF in distributing member pension benefits to legitimate beneficiaries. She also added how honoured she is to be apart of a remarkable pioneering Fund such as the GIPF.

“GIPF has throughout the years consistently proved that their main purpose is to grow the pension funds not only for the benefit of us, its members, but that of our beneficiaries through impactful investments throughout the nation and internationally.

“As senior citizens I want you to reciprocate the efforts of the GIPF of being a model citizen. Always remember that as much as we do not have physical strength or power, we do have authority. Use your authority to plough back into your community as the GIPF does and share your knowledge, experience and challenges with the youth impactfully,” expressed mee Kamati.

During these current trying times, mee Kamati urged pensioners and those that are nearing retirement to ensure that their medical aid benefits are paid up to date and where finances permit can be complimented with additional medical aid benefits from a different medical aid provider.

Additionally, she encouraged members nearing retirement to clear their debts such as cars and home bonds before retirement to ensure they start retirement on a clean slate.

“With GIPF administering my pension, worrying about money is the last thing on my mind. I joined church activities, enjoy travelling, watching television, listening to music, got involved in community projects, exercise frequently and read a lot to keep my brain fit and up to date with what is going on around me and in the world at last,” stated mee Kamati.

Kamati added that with so much time on one’s hands, pensioners should prioritise making memories with family and loved ones.

“I love visiting our family village and farm to spend quality time with my loved ones.  I’m also fond of braai’s, parties, playing games as it’s a great way to have fun with my children and grandchildren. Tomorrow is not promised but the memories you build with your loved ones never die,” concluded mee Kamati.

In the photo: Mrs (mee) Wilma Kamati still shines in retirement.