How to live and cope with everyone

By Josefina Gabriel/

We are different and live differently due to our cultures, behaviors and attitudes. But there is another dimension to our lives as created by the Almighty, which is our personalities.

And personality is the one most important thing that can well describe a person.

It’s easier to cope with someone when you get to understand his or her personality and accept it; and where there is acceptance there is peace and order, but I’m not in support of misbehavior and mistreatment of others when I’m talking about someone’s personality.

Rudeness and disrespect of others or self-disrespect, such things can be changed and must be changed. Such things have nothing to do with personality. Personality is about temperament.

Remember, we have four basic temperaments:

— Sanguine

— The choleric

— The melancholic

— The phlegmatic.

These four describe well who a person is. How the person is, whether the person is a quiet type, or talkative and never keeps things to themselves, or whether someone is cheerful or seems to be sad or depressed all the time.

If you know the person’s personality, you can know how to live or cope with that person instead of criticizing or embarrassing the person due to his or her characters, because there are things you can’t change in the person and things you can change.

You might be active, fast and easy to go with things but the other person is passive, slow and need more time to clarify things; you might easily understand things, with a fast mind but the other one needs to think more deeply to get all things right.

You might not worry too much about what happened but the other person does. You might be low in self-esteem but the other one can pass by without any doubts. We have peace makers that even sacrifice themselves for the peace of others but the other person leaves things straight on the table whether you like it or not.

That’s how we are as human beings, and we just need to understand each other so that we can go along. We may have different personalities, but we can do things together.

There will not be entertainment if a sanguine personality is not there; there will be no natural leaders if we don’t have choleric personalities, there will be no thinkers and critical minds if the melancholic are not available. There will be no confidence giver and self-controller if a phlegmatic is not around.

So you don’t need to see the other person as being wrong simply because of his character but first understand what he or she is before judging, because we tend to have the very personality others don’t have.