His voice is unique

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

We seem to be living all by ourselves on this train of life.

We go to school or go to work, or we go nowhere because we are unemployed; but at the end of the day if we succeed and make any achievement with our lives it all depends on us through the actions we took every minute of the day.

But despised all that … there is someone in control, and that is God our savior.

Waking up everyday seems nothing to us but it’s really a miracle every day; every day we have a new day over, and that’s what we call grace upon us because when he decide to remove his grace nothing will be in order with us anymore.

This is the reason you pray every day and every time for his will to be done on us in these days of our lives. When you make him your pillar to lean on you will not fall either nor will destruction come your way because you submit all that you have in his hands.

He said to you do not live by your own wisdom and desires, better fear God and abstain from evils.

Our own will can lead us into temptation, failures and destruction; that is the reason we have to listen to his voice which is true and full of grace every morning. His voice is always supportive, good and positive, and it works with the greater love he has for us, protecting us from darkness and mistakes.

The only problem you have is when you always are despising his voice and you follow your own heart’s desires; and this will take you nowhere.

Rather believe in him, he is your father and he will not let you down; what you need to do is to pray and ask him in all.

Let no one deceive you that God is not real, pay attention to his voice to avoid losing of your eternal life.

God loves you more than you think. Just listen to his unique voice everyday.