Keep on going in doing good

By Josefina Gabriel|

There are times in life that one gets to feel you are not achieving what you are trying to do; and this can easily lead to some doubts and thinking that you’re not good at things.

It might be true that you’re not good at things.

But don’t forget that in order to achieve something or do it better you have to meet some requirements such as by doing the right things or making right decisions, and in doing this you have to pass through mistakes that will lead you to an experience, and to gain experience you have to accept that wrong decisions will sometimes come your way.

But the secret in it is that you keep on doubting yourself, thinking what you’re doing is useless, while unknowingly there are people who are admiring your strength, admiring things that you are doing and admiring your personality and when your presence is not there they might feel lacking something because they believe in you and your courage so that you’re the reason they are moving on today.

Remember, not everyone is impressed by your actions, but there is always that person’s eye on you. So don’t change your move due to what is around you for the moment but rather be strong for that person believes in you that you can do it. To them you’re a warrior.

Life has many reasons to fail you and if you failed it doesn’t mean you are a loser but it was just a matter of time. And you can always tell yourself that when you fell it didn’t mean you were a failure but was just a matter of time; tomorrow is another day for you.

Don’t be discouraged because things seem not to be turning out well, but keep on going in whatever you’re doing if it’s for a good purpose because sooner or later every good act will have its day to shine.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.