Athletes from Oshana region did not make it to the Athletics Namibia Grand Prix Series first leg which took place in Swakopmund last Saturday.

According to an anonymous caller who spoke to Omutumwa this was because Ohangwena Athletics Club played unfair tactics in order to prevent athletes from Oshana from going to Swakopmund.

He said that Ohangwena Athletics Club took private ownership of the bus provided by the Ministry of Sport to transport all athletes from Ohangwena, Oshana, Omusati and Oshikoto.

“Although the idea of the sponsorship of N$34,800.00 came from Ohangwena, the money was given to be used for the benefit of all the four regions,” he said. “But Ohangwena demanded N$250.00 from each of our athletes or else we will not enter the bus.”

The gentleman also said that Ohangwena Athletics Club provided false information to their Regional Governor and to the media about their performances at the Pupkewitz Athletics Championships and the Athletics Namibia Grand Prix.

“We are involving the Anti-Corruption Commission in this,” he said.

When Omutumwa sought for more clarity from Ms Toini Kasheeta who is Oshana’s sport officer she said that she was on leave and unable to provide any information. “Please call the office, and talk to Mr Andima Petrus,” she said.

The office number was not going through though. And a certain Mr Iyambo of Oshana Athletics Club was not picking up either.

But Mr Teofelus Moses of Ohangwena Athletics Club dismissed the claims coming from Oshana as baseless.

“If you have failed, just accept that you have failed,” Moses said. “Participation in competitions is not according to regions but according to clubs. Oshana has four athletics clubs, and they have the best sport facilities, and they have the most businesses in their region compared to us, yet they have failed to work together and organize themselves and put their house in order.”

Moses said that Ohangwena Athletics Club has been working round the clock to look for funds and other assistance to enable their participation in competitions.

“We are ready to assist Oshana if they put in such a request,” he said.

In the photo: Athletics Namibia, the organizer of the Grand Prix Series. The next leg of the series takes place on 22 January 2022 in Windhoek.