Pray hard this year

By Josefina Gabriel|

We actually consider the beginning of a New Year as the time of new changes – old had gone and new things come. This is the time someone can start being serious with his or her life. Changing some of the things which caused failures and noting out their causes.

However most people tried in their previous years to change bad habits or get out of the way of failure, obstacles and disappointment but without any success.

When this happens, it’s not your fault – you just need to take your faith with prayer in works and see what the Lord can do.

Taking up prayer as a good habit will make it easy for you, taking it as your everyday medicine which can give healing. Take it as your shield and with it every day you are protected and whatever obstacles get in your way you don’t cry and scream so that people will know but you take this dilemma into prayer because your heavenly father cannot fail you.

It’s not a burden at all to carry prayer with you wherever you are, but the burden is to carry a spray protection or any material object that you believe in it that it can protect you when you have it. Simply because material things can easily perish and it’s hard to carry them every time and it will be a heavy duty carrying it.

But prayer is easy to carry. You don’t carry it in your pocket or in your handbag or on your back or even like a sticker on your car. You carry prayer in your heart. Devoting yourself in prayer is an easy assignment to do.

Spiritual darkness can be chased away by prayer, bad luck and feelings of rejection, addiction and fear can be destroyed by prayers. When there is prayer in your heart, all the weapons of failure and suffering aimed at you will not prosper.

Therefore learn to keep some words of prayer in your mouth from morning to evening. You can pray within your heart.

Are you going for an exam, interview, marriage, new post, town, visiting, travelling? Learn to pray for it before you attend. Pray for your friends, families, relatives, neighbor, and colleague and pray for everyone in the new year.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.