We are important

By Josefina Gabriel |

There are people who consider themselves unworthy due to their level in life or standard of achievement; it is wrong to consider yourself useless. God created you for a good purpose. You might not know the purpose, but that doesn’t mean there is no purpose in your life.

Every person is important and unique, stop despising yourself; by despising yourself you are delaying your blessings.

People’s uniqueness means that we always need people on our side, whereby we will need each other in different needs and levels every day. We are just like a tree with branches, because someone can be able to do things other people can’t do in order to form up something.

In a family tree some branches are high while others are low in their level but all of them are worthy and serve a useful purpose for the tree.

There are different levels with different responsibilities, different skills, and with different ideas that is the reason why everyone is needed. If you’re at the top it does not mean you must not be humble and respect everyone at their level.

Someone can see the answer from the right side while the other person sees the answer from the left side and they are both correct because of their different angles and formula, meaning if you come to the other side you might see the answer correct too, all you need is to exchange the sides and see.

Therefore different departments with different responsibilities, otherwise there will be no schools, hospitals, shops, churches, gardens, houses, roads, restaurants, and other private sectors.

Who will do typing, cleaning, helping, leading, preaching, constructing, and protecting if they are not here? We are all important.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.