Starting the year on a high

By Victor Angula |

With the beginning of a new year, one will want to hit the ground running by putting the high foot forward. Starting on a positive note, that is.

As a nation we can only hope, wish and pray for the best in terms of everything, but most of all in terms of the governance and administration of the country.

Of course it’s highly unlikely that I for all people will do anything at all which will seem like praising the work being done by those in political and economic authority. By all likelihoods I will continue to be a fulltime critic and a professional faultfinder on everything and for everything that has to do with the governance of this country.

But can I just for a while start this year on a positive note, or by being in high spirits?

Can those in charge do some things so well that the critic in me will not be able to have anything to say?

Last year, just like previous few years, was just a mess. The only thing we did well, or did at all, was to fight Covid-19. Can we now take the same fight to the door of unemployment?

Someone reported this past week that even the African Union has found out that Namibia has such a system in place that fighting unemployment will be impossible. I can agree with that.

So can someone somewhere in the corridors of power unlock the door of potential by initiating a process to dismantle the system that prevents employment creation in this country?

It’s by making the fight against unemployment a top priority that we can start this year on a high note and so proudly we can sing in unison that ‘Namibia land of the brave/freedom fight we have won.’

So let’s begin this year on this high, by taking the fight against unemployment on another level.