The future belongs to the youth

By Victor Angula |

There are people in this country who go around acting as if the future of this country belongs to them.

They do everything they do (or not do) without having any regard to the interests of young people of this country. Some of these people are politicians, but others are leaders of economic institutions, academic institutions, and other social institutions such as the NFA, etc.

If this country will ever move forward, and if Namibia will ever prosper, it will be a result of the efforts of the Namibian youth.

Create more jobs for the youth, create more opportunities for their career advancement, make them work gainfully and be positively engaged at all times in the economy of the country.

That way you keep them off the streets. Then they would be more focused and determined and in love with life and be able to use their natural God given talents for the advancement of their society and communities. They would be in a better position to tap all the potential they have to determine the course of their destiny.

But people are busy doing nothing for this to be a reality. They say young people must not be job-seekers but must be job-creators. Yet when young people start-up businesses nobody wants to do business with them. Young people never receive tenders. Young people are simply being systematically rejected and kept out of the mainstream economy.

Give the youth a place to prove themselves and move this country towards a better future, or else the youth will take the responsibility without protocol. Young people are radical by nature. When they decide that enough is enough they may do what they do without paying any observations to your protocols

And they may do it sooner rather than later because the future belongs to them.