The secret to happiness

By Josefina Gabriel|

Self-love is the first priority someone can go for so that he or she can be able to do good things in life with good expectations for tomorrow as a result of what you need to achieve for yourself in life. And that’s your happiness.

And when you love yourself you can always tell yourself positive things daily whereby you can love yourself internally to glow externally.  It’s nice to fall in love with yourself, which will make you to believe in yourself, and this can lead you to become a good person who can do well to other people and be positive with them.

Remember self-love is not selfish or vain arrogance. Self-love is self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and self-care. You cannot care for another if you don’t care for yourself. You cannot truly love another person until you yourself know how to love yourself. Meaning you can’t give love to the other person if you can’t give it to yourself. And you can’t do well to yourself if you’re still caught up in negativities.

You don’t love yourself if you do bad or evil to yourself. How can you give what you don’t have? You can’t give help, love, peace, respect, trust or good ideas to others if there are none for yourself.

Therefore make yourself indestructible by loving yourself. Self-love is the key to happiness. Happy are those who love themselves more than they love material things, money and other worldly stuff. Not only are they happy, they also acquire strength of character and personality.

No one else is you and that’s your super power. Gain more of yourself because you are unique. Just in case you have forgotten, today and every day you are and will remain the most wonderful, worthy and awesome person.

It’s time to love yourself, time to give yourself respect, time to admire yourself, time to forgive yourself, accept, nurture yourself because no matter what you have gone through you’re still the most wonderful, worthy and awesome person.

Today is your day to tell yourself these words and to tell negative thoughts that it’s enough, and the new positive you will start now in order to unlock your potential for happiness.

— Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.