Don’t cry before that person

By Josefina Gabriel|

WE have two different types of people in the world: those who wish you well and those who wish for your downfall.

Even if you didn’t do anything wrong to them, they will pray for your downfall. Even if you don’t owe them anything, they will just make plans to see your failure.

But then there are those who wish for your success. That’s how life is.

I am talking about life.

But now let’s talk about this person who always wants you to fail and is never happy to see your progress. This person could be your family member, sibling, a friend, neighbour, workmate or someone that you just know from somewhere. Maybe he or she knows you well or doesn’t know much about your background.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or not do, you always have that person who is against you, is negative or discouraging towards your plans or is watching your every step just so that they can kill your dream. That’s the reason you need to be watchful.

But what is the point then about this topic?

The point is that you can easily get shocked or even get hurt once this person’s actions and intentions reach you. And the moment you start showing this person your weakness he or she will be rejoicing and celebrating a victory over you.

Then it will be hard for you to move on since you are discouraged, and you might lose your cool due to lack of concentration.

As far as you’re concerned they were never there when you were getting the ideas into your mind and making plans in your heart for your success. So they can’t be available now to mess up everything. Just keep your distance. Run away from this person if you can.

If you really want to let out your pain through tears do it away from that person. Never show your emotions of pain in front of that person. This can confuse them. Do you know that it’s nice to confuse your opponents?

Sometimes you can politely ask the person why they always try their best to bring you down. But most of the times you just have to confuse them with your silence.

Never run away from your dream even if there are people who are against it, as long as it’s not a bad dream.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author. She can be reached at: