Do you know?

By Josefina Gabriel|

Life is like a game where everyone needs to play their part and it’s sometimes up to you if you want to win it over or lose it.

Although in some cases you may end up having no choice but to deal with things that seem to automatically happen beyond your control especially when everything is falling apart.

That is the reason we have to know about problems in everyday’s life. I can 100% agree with the person who said that everyone has a problem on earth only that some problems are better to handle and some are heavier to carry on our shoulders.

We have brave people in this world, those who can be able to give a better vibe although nothing seems to be OK on their side. They can make sure they wear that beautiful smile on their face and believe me no one can even suspect something is not fine about them unless they will let it out verbally.

But then if you are one of them don’t just keep it for yourself because that might be dangerous for your health, rather share it with someone you can count on.

DID YOU KNOW that if we could have a problem scale measuring machine it will be funny for you that your measurements are much more lower than the person who you think is better and always shining and smiling? But how do they do it?

Therefore do not allow things to steal your smile; stay strong always.

— Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author. She can be reached at: