We gotta go back to Black pride

By Victor Angula|

Nowadays you hardly hear of anyone talking about the fact that as black people, as Africans, as dark in colour as we are – we have to be proud of who we are.

Very few people in modern society care about the need for us to be proud of who we are.

We are Africans. And we are black people. God made us the way we are. With dark skin, short noses and short hair.

We are beautiful and handsome the way we are.

But in today’s society people spend money in efforts to run away from themselves, to run away from who they are.

Women are worse at it. It’s rare to find a woman who is happy to remain the way she was born.

Women wear fake hair, hair bought at high prices, they use chemicals to lighten their skins, wear bought fingernails, and even eyelashes.

Those who have the money will even go for cosmetic surgery to make their noses long. They believe that you are only beautiful if you look like a white person.

As black people we have to be proud of what God made us. God made us black and we have to be proud of it. It is sad looking at women members of parliament flaunting their fake hair and putting on display the fact that they are not proud of their Africanness.

Political leaders must lead by example in showing us the way back to our pride as black people.