Eshoke Chula Chula FC won the inaugural Oshakati Mayoral Cup after a pulsating tournament that took place from 25 to 29 May 2022.

The youthful team thus walked away with a golden cup, 18 gold medals, and N$15,000 cash.

Tsandi Village Council FC came second and claimed 18 silver medals and N$10,000.

In third place was Chipolopolo FC who walked away with N$3,000, while in fourth place the 21 Brigade FC went away with N$3,000 also.

In the veteran category, Tsandi Veterans FC walked away with a golden cup, 18 gold medals and N$6,000. Ondangwa Masters FC got 16 silver medals and N$4,000. Oshana Nampol FC and Northern Coaches FC in third and fourth received N$2,000 each.

At the netball court, Namibia Navy NC battled it out till the end despite the best efforts of Rebels NC and Cobra NC who came second and third.

Namibia Navy marched away with a golden trophy, 12 gold medals and N$3,000 cash, while Rebels stormed off with 12 silver medals and N$2,000. In third place Cobra grabbed the remaining N$1,000.

“It was a successful tournament indeed. There was no tournament at the north with such a number of teams registered for a single tournament,” said Mr Moses Ndemuweda, the tournament’s co-organiser.

“We have registered 111 teams all together. In the youth category were 69 teams, and 32 in veteran, while for netball were 10 teams.

“The tournament was marketed and it attracted a lot of people from different parts of the country. This tournament has brought a lot of joy to not only the teams that took part in the tournament but also the residents of Oshakati and surrounding villages in terms of selling (vendors).

“It was a five day event that went very well with no single incidents recorded. The security was very tight that’s why people were free and happy to come to the stadiums to enjoy the games.

“I hope next year we will have a lot of sponsors coming on board so that this tournament can be bigger and better.”

In the photo: Eshoke Chula Chula lifting the Oshakati Mayoral Cup at Oshakati Independence Stadium.