Precious life

By Josefina Gabriel |

Life is not only a wonderful thing, it actually is something of high quality and precious. And it cannot be compared to anything.

Therefore we need to appreciate this valuable life, the precious life that was given to us as a gift. Life is that kind of gift that cannot be bought.

It was given to us because we are here on earth with good reasons and a purpose.

Life is a precious thing but sometimes we don’t even realize this until the day that we lost the chance that we supposed to value it. That one day, one hour and one minute will come when it will not be seen no more.

Avoid things that are not really necessary, in such a way, you can quickly forgive and speak kind words to everyone, because life can change really in a moment of no notice.

Someone can say “life is too short to worry too much, short to be sad all the time, so never count the day, never count the years, and life is short for war because life is a gift that’s not to be wasted.”

People think that for someone to have a precious life it’s only when someone is rich, having all he or she needs, beautiful or cute, married, having siblings, loved by many, well known or the person lives in luxury.

Yes life is hard where there is no money.

But still there are people who have all or most of the above-mentioned yet they are still crying, still have sleepless and restless nights, still have no peace in their hearts and they are so frustrated and desperate to have more again.

Material things have a price and can be on sale, but human beings have dignity that is priceless and which is far more valuable than things. Meaning you’re very unique and far more precious than things that are present for that moment.

We have people killing each other and killing themselves because they didn’t value themselves and other people’s lives too, they consider life as worthless.

Enjoy that life God gave you and be satisfied with what you have because if not you will never get to see that you have enough although you have a lot.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.