Zambia won the Confederation of Southern Africa Football Association (COSAFA) Cup after a late 1-0 win over Namibia in extra-time on Sunday evening.


Namibia started off well, but fatigue as a result of non-existent domestic football made the Brave Warriors to lose the game.

While the match went to extra time with no team finding the back of the net, it was Zambia who was pushing for a goal in the dying moments of the game.

In extra time Namibia started off better, but fatigue got the Brave Warriors down to the point of allowing Zambia to put pressure on the Namibian goal until in the last eight minutes Zambia found the back of the net with a strike from Albert Kangwanda that bounced off the Namibian goalkeeper and was recorded as an own goal by Edward Maova.

The win makes Zambia to claim a sixth COSAFA Cup.

In the photo: Zambia’s victory after putting Namibia under pressure. (Images by &