Namib Mills launched the Top Score ‘Toyota Land Cruiser’ National Consumer Promotion in celebration of Top Score’s 40th Anniversary.

The launch took place on Saturday, 3 September, at Metro Oshakati, where the Land Cruiser was unveiled and a national competition for all consumers of Top Score maize meal went into swing.

The event was opened with a prayer by Reverend Hafeleni Hamakwiyu, the volunteer pastor for Ondangwa Anglican Church. Hamukwiyu read a scripture (1 Timothy 6:7) which says: “What did we bring into the world? Nothing! What can we take out of the world? Nothing!”

“This scripture reminds us that accumulating things in the world is good, but all of it will be left in the world. Everything including the car we are launching today is from the Lord.

“Blessed are those who are happy despite their economic situation. True joy is from the Lord. We must keep this verse in our heart, everything we have is from the Lord,” the reverend said.

Oshakati Mayor Leonard Hango said he was delighted to be at the launch of the Toyota Land Cruiser in Oshakati. “Let me welcome you all to Oshakati in my own behalf as mayor of this town, and also on behalf of the Honourable Governor of Oshana,” Hango said.

“Let’s thank the management of Namib Mills for saying that this event of giving back to the public must be done in Oshana, and specifically in Oshakati. Namibia is big, from Noordower to Oshikango, Katima Mulilo to Ruacana, but Namib Mills said the launch must be done in Oshana. This gives us motivation,” the Mayor said.

Hango said further that many corporate companies forget to give back to the community. “They concentrate on profits. What is our sales? But they forget about the creator of their sales. Indeed Top Score your gesture and feeling for giving back to the community makes an impact in the community.

“And Top Score didn’t say let’s give a wheelbarrow, but a Land Cruiser whose value is more than half a million. The Land Cruiser is here in Oshakati. Let’s buy and enter the competition so that it does not go away but remains here in Oshana.”

Hango also said: “Let me send a message to other companies to take an example from Namib Mills, to give back to the community.”

Mr Martin Aram, the regional councilor for Oshakati West read the speech of Oshana Governor Elia Irimari who was unable to attend.

Mr Forgivethem Ekandjo, Namib Mills’ Northern Trade Marketing Assistant, explained the details of the promotions as well as the terms and conditions of the competition.

While Mr Willem Mabaso, Sales Representative of Namib Mills, said the vote of thanks, before the Land Cruiser was unveiled inside the Metro Market by Mr Salmon Shilunga, Sales Representative of Namib Mills.

Afro-pop artist Dama Monique entertained the audience with some of her top hits during the luncheon and during promotional activities that took place after the official event.

In the photo: The Toyota Land Cruiser which is up for grabs starting 3 September to 4 December.