Just now

By Josefina Gabriel|

The most important thing that we all have is just now. The ‘now’ is more important and more productive than the ‘later’ or the ‘before’.

We are living in life whereby we need to be better and care about where we are facing.

You can change the world by doing something better in life, giving your advice, giving that wonderful smile every day, giving help to those who are in need, or anything that can make the change which is needed in this world.

And you can do it now, just now while you’re here. Don’t say ‘I will do it later.’ Be kind now, be helpful now, be useful now. If you were not kind or helpful before, be kind and helpful now.

Whatever you’re doing in life it must mean something, when you’re at work do your work without mumbling, when you’re in the society give that wonderful kind assistance to those who are surrounding you. This can indicate that you’re fulfilling your work now.

Do it now.

Whatever you want to do, if not now then when?  Being a good and kind person will not make you weak but will increase your value in life. Changing from being evil will open your doors of healing, protection and blessings.

Don’t keep things standing but put it into work now, try it now, go for it now, be happy, smile, help, give, support, work, enjoy, laugh, be the best, pray, sing, and be positive now.

It can work for you and for someone else because it’s not living which matters but living rightly and doing rightly now is more important.

All that you have is now; you never know what tomorrow holds.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and upcoming author.