Nyime Field Guiding Academy could be a game changer in the efforts to fight youth unemployment in the north-eastern regions of Zambezi, Kavango East and Kavango West.

The academy may also turn out to be a significant player in the tourism and hospitality sector of the Zambezi region, a region rich in wildlife and natural wonders.

It might also become a major contributor to the economy of the region in terms of sharpening young minds who will competently enhance and maximise the region’s income from wildlife and tourism.

At least these are the ideas, plans and aspirations of Mr Sylvester Muninda Matibe, the owner of Nyime Field Guiding Academy cc.

“Everything is done in terms of the feasibility study and business plan preparation, as well as the registration of the enterprise with relevant authorities, except for the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) and the Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA) of which is already in the pipeline,” Matibe says.

“What is outstanding is the funds to kick-start the operations of the academy. I need an investor, or investors, who will partner with me. Since this is an enterprise that will play a big role in the region and across, I don’t want to do it alone. I want to bring in others who will have a share in the operations.”

The Kongola-based enterprise aims to train young people in Field Guiding, Game Ranging, Wildlife Management, Game Lodge Management, Anti-Poaching, Animal Signs & Tracking, Hospitality & Tourism, and Travel & Tourism fields.

“To be a credible provider of quality Tourism training and education in specialised trades and crafts particularly in the Republic of Namibia and SADC. To be one of the leading Tourism training centres in Namibia in the craft and trades of its specialisation,” reads the Academy’s vision.

“Most of the infrastructures to be used by the academy are already in place, what is needed is only start-up operational capital to get the ball rolling.

“Interested potential investors can contact me so that we discuss the modalities, and negotiate the terms, of how we can together get this academy off the ground,” Matibe says.

He can be reached at +264812100196 / +264812201140 / email: matibealone@gmail.com

In the photo: Kongola-based entrepreneur Sylvester Matibe.