One of the main challenges facing the business community of Eenhana is the difficulties in acquiring land to operate their businesses from.

As a result most businesses continue to operate from the residential premises of their owners since renting in the town’s central business district is very expensive.

This was said by NCCI’s Eenhana branch chairperson Ms Linea Haimbodi at a consultation meeting held recently between the local business community and the leadership of the town.

Haimbodi pointed out that business people are the backbone of the town, as without business people in town the town cannot grow economically.

She added: “Town council needs to understand the voice of the business community whenever they come up with something related to the development of our town, and the town council to relook at their rules and regulations for business development in our town.”

The business community leader also listed several challenges which continue to lower the mood of the business community of Eenhana.

“Our local business people are requesting the town council to make available affordable land so that the residents of Eenhana town can be able to build and develop their land.

“Our streets or roads in the town are not clean enough, no renovation for a long time now has taken place and also there are some streets not named yet.

“To us business people we find it difficult to receive our deliveries on time.

“The committee of renaming the streets if it cannot be able to find the suitable names please consult my office.

“The bus stop and taxi rank should be respected as marked by the authority.

“The market now is flooded because of our Angolan neighbours (amiga) who come to do business here and they are not paying any fees to our town council therefore our various business people are asking your good office to intervene.”

On her part as chairperson of the NCCI she will this year dedicate time and effort “to educate our street vendors how to save their money, how to produce more goods, how to keep the town clean and how to keep the image of our beautiful town.”

In the photo: NCCI Eenhana branch chairperson Linea N. N. Haimbodi