Work with your heart

By Josefina Gabriel /

Everybody wants to work. Or at least everybody wants to work to earn money.

It’s a good thing to work to earn money because money is necessary for our comfortable living. Money is necessary to afford buying daily necessities like food, clothing, pay for important services like airtime, electricity, water, school fees, etc.

Therefore we need to work everyday, to work with our hands or work with our minds in producing something useful for other people, useful for society, something valuable enough to be exchanged for money in the form of a salary.

But then a lot of people work everyday although they don’t get paid for it. People who work to maintain homes and look after children or take care of grandparents, people who work by cleaning at the church or they volunteer themselves to help at the clinic or school or anywhere, they are also using their hands or minds to produce a service or product that is valuable for the society although they are not earning a salary.

All of us know how to work with our hands or with our minds. But do we also know how to work with our hearts?

Working with your heart is when you put your commitment into your work so that you produce a product or a service that is to the best of your ability.

Working with your heart is when you feel strongly in your heart that what you do through your work is important and beneficial to other people because it’s your calling, or talent; it’s your talent which you’re using for the glory of God and not just for the glory of money.

Producing quality work is a result of putting your heart into your work.

Therefore put your heart in the work you’re doing, and God will reward you with more than money can afford.

– Josefina Gabriel is a motivational writer, devout Christian and author of the book “Listen to your heart” published in 2022.