The Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival billed to take place from 27 to 30 April 2023 will see Gazza as the main act at the show.

The poster of the Festival with the image of Gazza was released by Gazza himself on his social media handles.

The Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival is supposed to be the biggest thing in Namibia where musical entertainment and cultural showbiz is concerned.

So that people would be expected to flock from other regions into Khomas for this fiesta taking place at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.

The PstBet Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival promotes cultural diversity, social empowerment, creativity and entrepreneurship.

This event happens annually and it strives towards supporting and raising young and upcoming entrepreneurs, artists and musicians in order to promote Namibian local talent through culture, empowerment, social creativity and innovation.

In the photo: Gazza on the wall.