The Electricity Control Board of Namibia (ECB) just appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. This comes at a time when neighbouring South Africa recently appointed a minister just for electricity.

However ECB’s communications manager Mr Ferdinand Molale said that the ECB’s new head will be tasked with the job of moving the entity from being just an electricity regulator to become a regulator for all energy sectors.

There is a new CEO at ECB. May you tell us who the person is and where he or she is coming from?

Yes, the ECB recently introduced Mr. Robert Naanda Kahimise as its Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 April 2023.

Before joining the ECB he served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ErongoRED from July 2013 until January 2017 and thereafter as CEO of the City of Windhoek from February 2017 until October 2020. He was appointed CEO of Central North Regional Electricity Distributor (CENORED) from November 2020 until 31 March 2023.

When did the person assume office and how long will this contract be?

Mr. Kahimise assumed office on 3 April 2023. His responsibilities as per the mandate accorded to him by the ECB Board and the line minister grants him tenure of five years, which is renewable.

How did the previous CEO leave? Or what caused the CEO to part ways with ECB?

Mr. Kahimise filled the position left vacant after the passing of Mrs. Foibe Louise Namene in August 2021.

Every new broom sweeps differently from the old or previous one. Briefly tell us, how will the new CEO’s time at ECB be different? Or may you tell us what it is that will be done differently in order to take ECB to higher levels?

The formative years of the ECB, under the stewardship of Mr. Siseho Simasiku, were dedicated towards the development of regulatory tools and instruments. These were followed by the implementation of the regulatory tools and instruments developed and effecting industry regulation, with the guidance of Mrs. Foibe Louise Namene.

Mr. Kahimise is taking over at a time of extreme evolution and dynamist of the electricity supply industry which warrants incentive-based regulation. This means using rewards and penalties to encourage good performance by the licencees. Consumer protection and satisfaction will also be priorities.

Amongst his key responsibilities is overseeing the ECB’s transformation from an electricity regulator to an energy regulator, Namibia Energy Regulatory Authority (NERA).

NERA will be responsible for electricity, downstream gas, downstream petroleum, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation. In addition to that is also the responsibility of ensuring overall stability of the ECB, including financial sustainability, and in future NERA.

In the photo: ECB’s new CEO Mr Robert Naanda Kahimise.