Toying with the arrogance of power at Nampower

By Victor Angula /

I honestly don’t know if things have been this way for a long time or they just happened to be so during the reign of Mr Simson Kahenge Haulofu at Nampower.

I am talking about the serious situation of arrogance at Nampower, Namibia’s power utility.

It gets to show that Nampower is the worst in terms of responsiveness and accountability. You can ask the ladies and gentlemen at Nampower for information, and they will refuse to give the information.

It’s as if you’re asking for personal information. Just asking for information about the operations of the company, but the people at Nampower are just unwilling to respond.

It all points to an attitude of arrogance. The thinking that the people are accountable only to the government, forgeting that Nampower is a public enterprise, and as Deputy Executive Director of the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises Ms Louise Shixwameni says, public enterprises belong to the public, and therefore they must be accountable to the public.

Mr Haulofu never picks up calls, be it to his office or his mobile. And his communications manager Ms Tangeni Kambangula is worse at it, just believing that Nampower is a private company – it’s their company. Or that because it is ‘Nampower’ then they have all the power in Namibia to do only what pleases their hearts.

People at Nampower are toying with an attitude which is bad. Such attitude has to change. Now there is a piece of legislation known as Access to Information Act. People must comply with the law by giving out information. The attitude of arrogance is unacceptable.

The time has come for us to demand accountability and transparency. And Nampower will not go on doing business as usual.

– Victor Angula is the editor of Omutumwa News Online. He can be reached at