Black people’s disregard for rule of law is disgraceful

By Victor Angula /

There is no race that is so much disgraceful as the black race.

And this disgrace is born of the fact that this, possibly, is the only race that has such an attitude of always disregarding the law whenever the provisions of the law are not serving your interests at that particular moment.

This is especially the case with those in power, those who make the law, administer the law and enforce the law. The very same people who make the law will disregard the same law whenever the circumstances of the day are such that following the law will not serve their interests.

Examples are many of how the ruling classes in countries across the African continent have continued to do just what the law says shouldn’t be done.

The strange thing is that the same people who said that the law must speak in those terms, will not make any effort to change the law if the circumstances of the day call for a law that speaks differently.

No. They will just without any scruples do just what the law (which they made themselves) says it must not be done.

Where they found the law in place, they will jump the law and do what is unlawful if it suits their interests.

The recent succession of King Charles III to the British throne is an example of how white people have such a great respect for their laws, their traditions and their customs. But if this was in Africa, there would have emerged characters from the woods to fight over the throne so that the succession race would have ended up in the courts.

Just like the Zulus did.

Despite the fact that the Zulu kingdom is as old as nobody knows, after the death of King Goodwill Zwelithini it seemed like there was no law in place to ensure a smooth succession, just as smooth as the British did theirs last week.

No. The law is there, but the people chose to disregard the law.

Here in Namibia, before Ondonga’s King Kauluma Elifas died people started already fighting over the succession. The law of Ondonga monarchy is there and known by everyone close to the royal family. But when the circumstances of the day call for the disregard of the law people will just disregard the law and do whatever they want to do.

There is the Ovambanderu royal feud that started a decade ago when King Munjuku Nguvauva died. It still is unresolved. Now there is the Ovaherero Paramount Chief’s succession fight, not to mention other royal succession struggles across the country.

The laws are there in place even if such laws are unwritten. But people will disregard the law whenever they want.

And that is unique only to black societies.

Examples of people disregarding the law in political and governmental institutions, and even in legal institutions, are copious and uncountable.

Which shows that the black race is a disgrace.