The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) unveiled “Our Family Ties”, a member educational series produced for Namibian television viewing through the sharing of real GIPF stories.

The television production discusses GIPF benefits through day-to-day scenarios such as normal retirement, early retirement, resignation/dismissal, retrenchment, disability benefit, ill-health retirement, death benefits, and funeral benefits.

“‘Our Family Ties’ offers a comprehensive and engaging educational experience for GIPF members,” said Mr. Penda Ithindi, Chairperson of the GIPF Board of Trustees.

“Our Family Ties, season 1, will premiere on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) television commencing with episode 1 on Sunday, 24 March 2024 at 19h50 to 20h00.”

Also speaking at the same event yesterday, the CEO/Principal Officer of GIPF Mr. Martin Inkumbi, said “you will agree that our country is blessed with an abundance of talent and tonight the Fund is pleased to showcase how we partnered with the local film industry.

“By so doing, we uplift the local artists and our film industry and share our story with you all, indeed a win-win recipe for all.”

Episodes from season 1 will be released weekly on Sunday evenings on NBC TV from 24 March to 28 April 2024, and simultaneously posted on the Fund’s YouTube page. The first season comprises of six (6) episodes, each no longer than ten (10) minutes.

“The exhilarating production features a selection of talented Namibian cast members who embody the true essence of being Namibian, illustrating the importance of telling our local stories while educating GIPF members through addressing myths about the Fund and thoroughly discussing GIPF frequently asked questions,” added Ithindi.

The cast members and the characters they play in the series are: Bainca Heyns (as Sarah), Lahja Haufiku (as Aina), Lucky Pieters (as Erastus), Lizette Kavari (as Jolanda), Ronaldo Kaeka (as David), Channiel Strauss (as Kevin), Armas Shivute (as Thomas), Risto Sheehama Ngha (as Penda).

“GIPF members and all stakeholders are invited to watch this world class local production of ‘Our Family Ties’ an edutainment television series geared at addressing misconceptions about the Fund’s benefits on NBC TV.

“Through the production and airing of Our Family Ties, the Fund aims to provide knowledge to its members on the various benefits, therefore leading to empowered and informed members.”

In the photo: Our Family Ties cast.