Time and opportunity

By Josefina Ndeshi Gabriel /

We have two things that have a closer connection and can be consumed at the same moment in life, and which may seem so simple but important in many hidden measures.

These two contribute a lot to the happenings in days of our lives although sometimes they cannot easily be recognized.

How do we see or understand or recognise TIME?

You have time in everything you do always; with that time in your everyday life time can be used, and with time you always expect everything; that’s why someone can say there is time for everything.

You plan using time, you meet with time, teach, work, eat, sleep, walk, run, speak, read, write, etc., with time. Sometimes you take your time to do something. Or sometimes you can waste your time.

So time is always with you and if you misuse your time you might lose it forever; although someone can say time is in your hand you’re the one to see how to use it and what to do with it.

From the length of time as hours turn to days and days to months and months to the years of your life you can see it all as the opportunity to do something worthwhile with your life while you’re alive.


Opportunity can be used in all you  have in life with time, and opportunity can be all for study, work, to repent, to change, to build up something, to live, to earn and to gain or win it over – with time you can use this to fulfill all and live a fruitful life.

Therefore with the time you have now, you can use it in some opportunity to do something and if you fail to show up then you have wasted time and lost the opportunity. One can say opportunity never comes back once you lost it just as wasted time never returns. But I believe sometimes there might be a second chance.

What is all about these two anyway, you may ask.

It means that in whatever you do, big or small, do it with all your heart and your will: give love, help, give care, teach, pray and do all you can. But not tomorrow; do it while there is that opportunity and while you have that time now.

Use your time and opportunity to do good not to do evil.