Listen to your heart

By Josefina “Ndeshi” Gabriel  /

There is a certain organ which is very important to us, and for that reason it is located right in the centre of our bodies.

Yet this is the very organ of our bodies which is mostly neglected. Although it performs very important functions in our lives we never seem to take time to listen to what it says.

I am talking about the heart.

We can’t live without the heart. The heart gives us opportunity to breathe and allow our blood to flow all over the body through blood vessels.

But this is not the reason that we have to listen to our hearts. We have to listen to our heart because the heart speaks.

Do you believe that your heart can talk and try to convince you? Do you normally give it a chance and accept its ideas and suggestions? Do you have that time to listen to its advice?

Most of the time we tend to ignore and refuse to listen to what our heart says.

That quiet voice within us.

We despise it over and over while it repeats itself trying to warn us of possible consequences and ask us to take better directions for where we are supposed to go to. The heart can warn someone not to interfere in something, or to accept, allow or act on that certain thing. In most of the cases our heart can properly direct us in our life.

But even so we just end up confused, not knowing what to do at all while there is always a voice we can trust, a voice within us which either tries to warn us of something or show us something.

I can even say this is the map we naturally have. This is why we never have to be lost if we take advice and direction from the heart.

This means that when we listen to our hearts we will realize that we don’t have to do things because other people are doing them. We don’t take actions for no reason just because the world is doing it .We don’t go to places because everyone else is going there, but we do what is right as we listen to what our hearts say.

You can trust the voice coming from your heart, because it is the voice of God. God always speaks through the heart while the Devil tries to speak through the mind. A human being’s heart is like a radio station where God broadcasts his messages to you.

This is why the Devil has no authority to speak through your heart. But the Devil can only take control of your mind if you allow him. This is why it is better to listen to your heart instead of listening to the confusing messages from your mind.

So stop imitating, stop worrying, stop being confused, stop jumping over and over for no good reasons. Stop wishing to be like others. Don’t leave the path leading to your future and go for the dreams of others. Stop all these and learn to listen to your heart.

Your heart can only be led by GOD, not by the Devil or by a person. So learn to follow your heart but not the world.