By Josefina Gabriel /

I have come to learn from myself that fear is the poison in our lives which kills our potential for greatness and it robs us the opportunity to live a fulfilled life.

And we really need some kind of medicine which can heal this sickness of fear forever.

As people we normally fear everything and anything. And the fear always hinders us from progressing.

I grew up in the same situation of fear, constantly scared of failing, scared of dying, scared of making mistakes. But believe me all was just lies from this poison. And this stopped me from doing and succeeding in things I supposed to have overcome.

Fear looks like something simple, but this poison can make you look down on yourself, blaming yourself for trying something and failing; and you cannot even be able to forgive yourself.

For instance you may want to study or take a certain course, but then you can’t do it because of fear. You are scared of failing. You may even find the courage to do it, but on the day of the examination you are just shivering because of fear.

I do know myself that I failed in many things because of fear. I did wrong things because of fear. I can even eat something I don’t like, just because of fear. You are totally scared of saying no.

Fear can even make you to become someone you are not in life, to change you from who you are to someone who is very hopeless. Fear can chase away your dreams by turning your mind blank.

The best way to deal with this poison is to stand up in faith and with strength by believing that fear cannot control your life. Fear must not tell you what to do and what not. Faith must tell you what to do.

Just take a piece of paper, and write down your desires, wishes, dreams and goals. Then pray over them. And then go out and do what your faith is telling you. When fear comes in your heart, push it aside and tell yourself that you can do it no matter what.

How you will do it or for how long it will take you doesn’t matter. As long as you know that yes you can make it by faith.

As people we must live in faith and not in fear. The fear of death, fear of sickness, poverty, suffering, failure, divorce, rejection, loneliness, curses, disability, losing things, losing your job, being not promoted, fear of not getting what you really want in life.

Whatever your situation, just accept that the situation can change for the better only if you live by the medicine of faith instead of by the poison of fear.