By Elina-Ombili Shishaki  /

One of the most tragic things of our times is that women are living in fear.

When things go south we ain’t finding a male shoulder to cry on. It’s like we are living in a society where men have turned into monsters. Gender Based Violence (GBV) is becoming a daily novel.

Day by day we hear reports of GBV cases across societal classes. We are losing our sisters, mothers, and daughters at the hands of men; the very hands which are supposed to protect them.

Our country is bleeding. Men’s attitude towards women in society is becoming worrisome. One can’t live happily anymore anywhere, not only on the streets but in our homes and workplaces too. We are losing trust in men.

Be it our very own brothers, husbands, fathers, uncles, or sons, fear rises in us whenever we are with them.

We are being raped, slain and violated on a daily basis. The matter becomes worse when the perpetrator disappears and become untraceable.

Physical, emotional and sexual assaults have become a daily song in our communities. It seems we are now used to men’s bad deeds.

But are we really okay with it? Can we continue to tolerate it? Can we afford the continuing violence against women and girls?

Women and young girls are constantly reported missing without a trace. Our sisters, aunties, mothers, daughters are becoming victims of cold-blooded murder.

For how long will we suffer in silence?

Men are meant to be protectors yet they are the ones causing fear in our society due to their barbaric acts. Women are not safe in men’s hands.

It is really time to break the silence and SPEAK up! Enough is enough.