Ovahimba, Ovatwe and Ovazemba communities in the north of Kunene Region are still disadvantaged 30 years after independence. Their children do not have any prospects of ever getting out of the cycle of poverty.

Not only are they not afforded the opportunity to go to school since they live in mountainous areas, even in their villages where schools have been set up by the government these children hardly ever attend the classes due to the poverty and discouraging environments at home.

The people are nomadic, so that they hardly ever stay at one place for longer than three months because they are cattle herders, always on the lookout for greener pastures beyond the mountains.

But the children are hopeful, and they do look forward to a life of modernity.

In Ondore village, 10 kilometres from Opuwo, six children received a surprise of their lives after they were given new clothes sent by someone they have never heard of after a picture of them happily enjoying their lives was shared on social media.

“As a leader it brought me tears to see children who are the future of this country to be running half-naked or with worn clothes in the public as their parents can’t afford,” said Member of Parliament Sydney Thimotheus Ndumba.

“It’s for this reason that I have reacted fast to do something for these children who are our future leaders by donating clothes worth N$1,050.”