Burden of the unwavering loyalty

By the Author [When My Mind is Liberated]

 Loyalty has got Namibians blinded with orchestrated ignorance and for many years we are going to pay a hefty price for this tailor-made “unwavering loyalty”.

For so long we have been made to carry on our backs the load of “previously” disadvantaged but currently advantaged countrymen-turned-leaders-turned-businessmen-turned-elitists-turned-gods.

In recent years Namibia has become just another African country thanks to the double standards of our politicians and their foreign partners. They continuously plunder our resources and find humour in the decay of the Namibian social fabric.

On the other hand we, as law abiding citizens, have become so complacent, with all that is promised to us but not delivered, that we see government offices as belonging to the civil servants-turned-executive-officers-turned-gods, which can do whatever pleases them.

We are so much down-trodden that we have come to accept ill-treatment and rudeness as normal and as power bestowed upon these “evil” servants.

Loyalty” has been inculcated in the minds of the citizens, through the fear of being banished and shamed. Political machineries are in place and ready to be rolled out against whoever shows any sign of “mental liberation”.

As a result the majority of Namibians have been reduced to “strong and committed cadres”, carriers of baggage loaded on our backs and like animals on carts, we are kept in check with threats and empty promises.

We are burdened by the resources we have to carry to unknown destinations and for unknown owners. Loyalty has become the yardstick used to measure our ignorance and maintain our blind loyalty.

In an effort to showcase our “unwavering loyalty” to the greater cause, and to the greater ones, we follow the noise and directives of the new masters who are yet to master the hills of social advancement.

The thoughts of an independent mind are counterproductive to the political aspirations of the chosen ones, so that such thoughts are dealt with through brutal propaganda and condemnations.

The economic path for Namibia has been drawn on sand in the middle of the desert and suggesting any other path is enough reason for political, social, economic and character assassination.

Need I say more? Not at all. It is a known practice in Namibia and it has almost become by-laws in a jungle of greed and accepted corruption.

The carrots are again out in display, where we are made to focus, far in the horizons; while blind-folded from the side-projects of grabbing, stealing, plundering and hypocrisy.

Like before, political manifestos are dusted off and updated and colour-coated again; freshly painted and duplicated just to be circulated afresh, on account of our unwavering loyalty.